SACREDBEAST is a site devoted to paintings and drawings by Tim Svenonius.

On Process and Meaning:

I use the painted image to explore the interplay between memory, history and myth. In my images I combine elements drawn from memory with things found or borrowed, each with its own history or aura. The landscapes, and the figures which populate them, are stripped of any details that would bind them to specific places or eras, and instead become symbols of the heroic or the prosaic.

My process is ritualistic at times: most paintings undergo a turbulent and destructive evolution before eventually settling into states of rest. Layers of color are built up and eroded like geologic strata. Figures are added then chafed away or buried beneath subsequent layers; like memories, which can be forged into stories and legends, or obliterated by time, the material of painting remains mutable for a time, eventually finding a more permanent form.

Tim Svenonius, 2013